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We’re looking for experienced Horn instructors who will volunteer their time and expertise to help these young energetic youths. If you are that person please contact us at:
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A-S Baby

The Approaching Storm Marching Band is a southern style show band for children between the ages of 10 to 19. The goal of The Approaching Storm is to show the children from the East New York section of Brooklyn and the surrounding neighborhoods that there is more to life than the streets and gangs. We plan to achieve this goal by providing a safe haven for the children where they can be themselves and learn a skill that will assist them in getting into college. The programs The Approaching Storm will provide are peer and guidance counseling, peer tutoring, driver’s education, drug and STD classes, music training and the Marching Band. The band will consist of percussionists, drum majors, flag girls, a drill team, cymbal players, and a horn section. We will be using their peers to conduct many of our sessions; this is to teach them to work together for their betterment instead of knocking each other down. This will allow us to mold and refine the leadership skills that are already instilled in them as well as teach the child the value of teamwork. 

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